Flight to Malta

Malta is a small island of only 300 square kilometres, making it the smallest country and the highest population density in the European Union. Malta was successively under Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Fatimid, Sicilian, Knights of Saint John, French and English. The island gained its independence in 1964.

Malta International Airport (MLA Airport Code) is the only airport on the island located in the capital, Valletta. Air Malta, Ryanair and BMI are the airlines with the most flights.

Flight to Malta

The island’s only public transport is provided by a private bus network that has its own drivers. These old and brightly painted buses are a real attraction in themselves for less than a euro the ride.

Malta is certainly a small country, but its rich past allows it to offer a whole range of different architectural styles and remarkable works of art such as La Decapitation de Saint-Jean and Saint-Jérôme in front of its Caravaggio writing, on display in the Cathedral of Saint John.

When you’re in Malta, take a boat tour of the island, a highly recommended excursion. These guided tours provide a comprehensive overview of the island and offer superb views of its fortifications.

Maltese cuisine is unique and based on fresh produce. Favorite local specialties are rabbit and pastizzis, a pastry filled with white cheese.

Reasons to visit Malta

Culture and History

On the island of Gozo near Malta, you can admire an ancient site on which are two megalithic temples: Ggantija.
South of Malta, discover the Neolithic site of Hagar Qim. These are the ruins of four temples listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Mnajdra, still south of Malta, is one of the oldest religious sites on Earth. It is a complex of megalithic temples.
Discover also Valletta, the capital of Malta. It is a fortified city where you can visit many museums, palaces and religious buildings. Don’t miss St John’s Cathedral in Valletta, a magnificent 16th century Baroque monument.

Malta Food


A true meeting between Italian and Arabic cuisine, Maltese gastronomy is delicious and, above all, varied. Discover the traditional dishes of the island of Malta: there is something for everyone!
If you like fish, enjoy the lampucki torta (fish pie), aljotta (fish soup) …
Meat lovers, try the stuffat tal-fenek (rabbit simmered with red wine), bragioli (paupiettes)…
At the end of a meal or at any time, discover Gozo cheese.
If you are vegetarian, there are a lot of dishes that will suit you: the ftira, pastizzi, the hobz biz-zejt, the soppa ta’l-armla
To finish on a sweet note, try the pastries: the imqaret and the qaghaq (or honey ring).

Maltese nature

Malta is surrounded by several islands that you can visit. In Comino you can go diving, visit the caves and lagoons.
Also take advantage of a morning to visit the Blue Cave. From the small port of Wied iz-urrieq, go by boat under the hollow cliff wall.
To the north of the island of Gozo, marvel at the golden colour of the sand of Ramla Bay.

Night Life

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