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Why Most of the Online Casinos are registered in Malta?

Malta Casino Law

In a few years, it has become the European capital of online gambling. Lost in the south of Sicily, Malta, thanks to its attractive tax system, hosts in its small territory the main gaming sites from around the world. So much so that the sector now represents 12% of GDP and 6,150 direct jobs, according to the Maltese Gaming Authority (the Malta Gaming Authority, MGA). On its website , it boasts a “stable and attractive” regulation , which has allowed the sector to “prosper” since Malta’s accession to the European Union in 2004. Whole neighborhoods have sprung up near Valletta thanks to the dynamism of the sector, which attracts workers from all over Europe to operate active sites all over the planet.

Malta, what is MGA, the Maltese gaming authority

The Maltese license quickly established itself as a benchmark in the games market, a pledge of confidence and credibility. A great number of online casinos, including the popular Club World Casino, best-known for its fantastic no deposit deals and extensive game selection, hold approvals by the Malta Gaming Authority.

You should know that in Malta, thanks to online gambling, the island has increased its GDP .

When the French gambling law was enacted in May 2010, only the Maltese government opposed this law .

What is the MGA, what is the mission of this gaming authority in Malta?

The gaming license granted by Malta quickly established itself as a benchmark in the market, a pledge of confidence and credibility for licensed operators.

Obtaining the Maltese license is regulated by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) , which ensures that online casinos comply with a quality charter to the delight of aficionados.

What is the MGA?

The MGA is an institution independent of online casino operators which aims to regulate all forms of gambling. It regulates many games:

  • Casino games
  • Bingo halls
  • Sports betting
  • Poker rooms
  • The national lottery
  • Remote games on mobiles

Its mission is as follows: To regulate with competence the various games which come under the authority of Malta.

It ensures that licensees provide fair and transparent games for players.

It carries out crime, corruption and money laundering prevention missions . This, while protecting minors and players most vulnerable to gambling addiction.

Does this authority offer remedies against licensed gaming operators in Malta?

Any player who is harmed by a licensed casino in Malta can file an appeal , if the player and the casino cannot come to a compromise.

The player can therefore file a complaint, with supporting evidence .

Then, an investigation is carried out, this one collects all the information given by the player and the online casino in question.

The search for events takes into account all the rules and terms and conditions that the player accepted when creating their account.